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Special version of Linux that can be installed on Nintendo Wii Console. Run Wii Linux from a DVD or SD card by taking advantage of the Homebrew Channel or Twilight Hack. Wii Chips . Wii Homebrew Games and Apps. Wii USB Loader for booting iso torrent games on your console from a USB Hard-Drive. And download the games from the Wii ISOs - best game backup site.

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Linux for Nintendo Wii

Gaming geeks and hardcore gamers love tweaks and modifications on their loved gaming consoles. That is most possible nowadays, especially since newer consoles such as the Playstation Portable, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii and many others are designed to be 'platforms'; where developers and programmers can further do add-ons, tweaks and modifications on their native softwares. These developed programs are then called, now part of the geek lingo, 'homebrews'.

An example of a homebrew is the Wii-Linux. Authored by the GC-Linux Team, this Linux for Nintendo Wii is essentially a port of the operating system to the video game console. With this homebrew, Wii gamers are enable to many exciting and interesting things on their Nintendo Wii. The Wii-Linux is loaded using alternative loaders such as the Homebrew Channel, Twilight Hack and mini. Apparently, there are also other versions that can be run using Nintendo's official operating system IOS. Wii Linux supports all the console's peripherals such as Wii remotes and GameCube controllers, external storage devices, DVD drive, Bluetooth and WiFi. It also supports the internal native hardwares of the Wii.

Nintendo Wii becomes more exciting when the Wii-Linux is loaded. Other non-native peripherals, such as USB keyboard, USB mouse and external storage devices, can now be connected to the console. Because of that, a Wii user can now edit a text document, write an email and instant message with friends. Additional games, music and movies can also be accessed and stored using external storage devices connected to the Wii. Bluetooth and WiFi can also be setup using the Linux for Nintendo Wii; and the console can also be accessed from a computer via the WiFi connect. Because of that, surfing the Internet and streaming online media are now also possible.

wii usb loaderBasically the Wii-Linux enables the Nintendo Wii to do the things a regular computer does. Gaming nerds can play other game roms using video game emulators such as the MAME; and because it is now more like a PC, developers and programmers can even create their own programs and games using the Nintendo Wii. This homebrew is a must-have for Wii-geeks.

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